8 Tasks Which Can Speed Up Your Website!

8 Tasks Which Can Speed Up Your Website!

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Websites has become the one of the best platforms for business, because a website let your business grow throughout the countries. Website design and working influence is very important for website growth but still these things come after loading of site.

So a website has to be fast enough to load

If you think that website speed is not that important then you should think about it again.

Because 1 second delays in website loading yields:

1. 15% less page views
2. 20% decrease in customer satisfaction
3. 10% loss in conversion

If a website loads fast enough then it does not only improve your Google site ranking but also increase your profits from bottom line.

Basically page speed refers to how fast your page content loads.After long time research, Google has made site speed a compulsory feature of SERP (Search Engine Rank Pages); and it is obvious that if you rank top in Google directs affects your business in positive manner.

There are many methods which can be helpful to improve website speed.


Best way of file compression is Gzip which is really useful to reduce size of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It reduces the size of files sent from your server to increase the speed to which they are transferred to the browser.

1. Reduce sizes of pages by up to 70%
2. Increase page speed
3. Cost-benefit ratio: high

Access needed to the .htaccess files or server administration files

Image Optimization :

Don’t use Gzip for image compression. Instead of Gzip, use other Photoshop software to compress images where you can retain control over image quality.

Compressed images reduce the load times of pages by loading appropriately sized images.

Reduce file sizes based on where images will be displayed.

Resize image files themselves instead of via CSS.

Save files in appropriate format depending on usage.

Minification does not affect the functionality of any file rather it simply optimizes for better downloading.Google consider speed factor for ranking purpose.

So Minification keeps Google and your visitors happy.

Minify JavaScript, HTML, and CSS:

Compacting JavaScript, HTML and CSS code can save many bytes of data and speed up downloading, parsing, and execution time.

Minification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript includes removing of unnecessary characters to reduce file size and make it fast.

Following data is removed from file:

1. Whitespace Characters
3.Line Breaks
4.Block Delimiters

Remove JavaScript Render-Blocking :

Whenever a website is requested on browser that time JavaScript and CSS resources prevent the page to load until they are downloaded and processed by browser.

So for improvement in page speed, remove render-blocking by JS and CSS; use asynchronous loading.
Content distribution network:

Content Distribution Networks (CDN) is also known as content delivery networks. In CDN, networks of servers are used to distribute the load of content delivering. Very firstly, Website copies are stored at different geographically data centers, so users can access website fast and reliably. Content distribution network plays a big role for big site which have high numbers of visitors.
Leverage Browser Caching:

Leverage browser caching is the best option to reduce load time of website for returning visitors. Browsers cache style sheets, images, JavaScript and many more files.You can also set expiration date for cache your site data. Usually cache expiration time is 1 year if your site does not change so frequently. Reduce Redirects:

Every time when a page redirects to other page that means your audience will have to wait longer for HTTP request-response cycle to complete.So for reduce website load time use redirection as less as possible. Improve Server Response Time:

Server response time is affected by the traffic amount you get, software your server use and obviously the hosting solution you chose. For improvement in response time then you better look for performance bottlenecks like slow routing, slow DB queries, and lack of adequate memory and get fixed them. The usual server response time is under 200ms.

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