7 Solid Reasons - Why ExpressionEngine could be a great choice for your next CMS?

7 Solid Reasons - Why ExpressionEngine could be a great choice for your next CMS?

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In the ever-growing world of technology, it can be most complex to decide which CMS platform is the best fit for you. There are more than thousands of results when you search over Google “Content Management System” term. When there are so many results how could you know which CMS is best and secure for you?  At W3care, we’ve worked with a number of CMS over the years including Magento, Joomla, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Shopify, and the list goes on. But ExpressionEngine is one of our favorite CMS because it is a great option for complex sites.

ExpressionEngine(EE) is a commercial CMS designed and developed by EllisLab. It’s a full-featured, flexible and reliable content management system that gives users the ability to easily manage their websites without the typical coding clutter found in other CMS. If you are going to design & develop your website but not sure about ExpressionEngine Development then hold on, please. So many big brands like Pizza Hut, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Penny Arcade, Getty Images and much more are just a few examples that have trusted on the ExpressionEngine platform to handle their websites. Here are some solid reasons that will make you ready to choose ExpressionEngine for your next CMS:

1. It is Flexible:ExpressionEngine is a fully flexible CMS platform because you can customize your site every step of the way, instead work within a pre-made template as Wordpress does. In ExpressionEngine, you can add as many post types as you want without needing to do any coding or installing a third-party add-on. It does not make any assumptions what type of data you’ll publish and because of this, content possibilities are endless and you can create different content models like “blog posts”, “products”, “team members” etc. ExpressionEngine is also a good choice for developers because it allows you to use any HTML/CSS template you would like. ExpressionEngine’s admin section has a clean interface that is easily customizable based on customer or client’s needs. Flexibility feature of ExpressionEngine is the best reason for growing demand of ExpressionEngine development services.

2. It is Secure: ExpressionEngine is a powerful, secure and flexible tool for building any complex websites. It has the well-rounded collection of security features of any CMS on the market, such as advanced session management, secure form processing, Captcha and more. It has also spam protection features that keep your website secure and spam free. It also allows and/or limits multiple user’s access to a certain area of the website. ExpressionEngine is the best choice for fast & reliable marketing and content sites. It provides complete security to ExpressionEngine developers and client both.


3. It is Modular: ExpressionEngine has more built-in features like SEO and social media feature rather than relying on an external add-on. As EE makes no assumptions about what kind of data you’ll publish, it also makes no assumptions about how you want to display that data. And this makes getting dynamic data into the templates very clean. ExpressionEngine also works with your existing code. You can create EE templates by simply adding some special EE tags to your usual HTML. There are no irrelevant HTML tags to worry about. In EE designer can inject the CMS into the template; in other words, designers can create whatever interface they want without any fear of CMS incompatibilities.

4.It is Constantly Evolving: ExpressionEngine is getting better and better over the years. After Release of ExpressionEngine 3, it was the remarkable moment in the history of EE when the ExpressionEngine 5 is launched and it is the first free release as the open source CMS software.The previous versions of EE were paid but still, it is the most adaptive CMS. Recently version 5.2.3 is released in May 2019 with some advanced and unique features. EllisLab has done amazing work with EE in previous years and there is no doubt there will be excellent updates and additions in upcoming years. ExpressionEngine is not static in nature even it is frequently updating & evolving.

5. It is Easy to Use: ExpressionEngineis avery simple application framework which provides you a simple yet robust template language. It doesn’t impose a rigid structure on your templates rather; it provides some tools which you need and then gets out of your way. There is also an excellent getting started tutorial for ExpressionEngine developers that introduces many of the concepts that you should know before starting. It allows you to manage content with custom fields along with this you can also quickly redesign page layouts without having to worry about. ExpressionEngine truly makes the process of CMS integration easy & smoother.


6.It’s support system is reliable: ExpressionEngine’s support system is trustworthy & reliable. If you ever run into a technical issue, EllisLab offers an unlimited amount of help which easily accessible. It also allows the community to pitch in and help each other with various issues and questions. The support staff of EE is very reliable and answers your questions timely with proper solutions.

7.It has numerous add-ons and plugins: EE has numerous add-ons and plugins that make it powerful & extensible. On Devot-ee (Repository website for ExpressionEngine Add-ons) you’ll find hundreds of add-ons and plugins to expand your platform. Some special and dominant add-ons are CE Cache which is used for advanced template caching, Expresso Store used for e-commerce integrationand Structure add-on that is used by most of the time for simple intuitive interface to create & manage content. If you are thinking of upgrade expressionengine then you can contact our ExpressionEngine developersfor the same. You can also get ExpressionEngine plugins development services from us at very reasonable prices.

All CMS’s have their pros and cons. All are unique and incredible in their own way and according to project requirement. From so many CMS finding the best is challenging. We have worked on almost all CMS but ExpressionEngine works best for our clients and team both. We haven’t received any complaints from our clients and we bet you’ll love ExpressionEngine too if you choose it for your next CMS. If you are looking for an experienced team of ExpressionEngine Developers to build your website then stop your searches at W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd., because here you’ll get the best ExpressionEngine development services at more reasonable prices. So contact us today and we’d be happy to serve you.

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