7 Good Reasons -Why Would You Want to Choose Symfony Development Services?

7 Good Reasons -Why Would You Want to Choose Symfony Development Services?

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Online businesses are growing constantly. The online demand for products and services are rising because today’s customers living in a fully competitive technological world where they not only want to save their money even their time also. As the demand is increasing there are hundreds of websites that taking place daily. The market is flooded with daily new websites of products & services. According to research 2/3 of websites are created on PHP frameworks. Basically, A PHP framework is a structure or a library through which we can create web applications. There are so many PHP frameworks like Zend, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, Yii and more. Choosing one of them PHP frameworks is most complicated task because they all are secure, simple and scalable. Symfony is one of the most popular PHP frameworks which ranked 3rd in popularity after Laravel & CodeIgniter. Before going further you should know what is symphony and how it works.

What is the Symfony Framework?

Symfony is one of the most popular open source PHP frameworks with a set of modular components. It is not seen as a full stack web framework like Ruby on Rails & Laravel which includes by default, everything you need to build a website. Instead, you can combine its modular components in multiple ways to build powerful websites and applications. The best advantage of Symfony is developers can add additional modules according to requirement along with this it saves the time of developers by reducing  the task of hectic coding and they can use its readily available framework components and high-end configuration. The demands of Symfony Development services are increasing because it is the number 1 choice for enterprise web applications. Here are some solid reasons that will make you to choose Symfony for your web & app development services requirement.

1. Credibility: Symfony initially released in 2005 and now it is a global brand as a framework. It’s modular components can be added with other PHP frameworks like Drupal, Magento,phpBB and more. The main motto of Symfony is to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications. There are so many developers consider it reliable because it reduces the hectic part of coding. Apart from this there are so many trusted companies whose website is developed on Symfony. National Geographic, TED, Vogue are the few example of it. Because of its advanced and incredible features, it has proven its reliability over time while many other frameworks are still struggling for it.

2. Longevity: Symfony is an open source framework which is supported by more than 13 years of experience company “SensioLabs”. Its professional team ensures longevity by facilitating long-term website maintenance services. The support system of Symfony delivers long term maintenance to its customer with high-performance applications. It’s regular updates remain it long lasting.



3. Fast & Easy Development: One of the best reasons, why people prefer Symfony as it’s advanced and in-built features speed up the development process. It consumes less memory and optimizes the performance. Symfony incredible features make the developer’s life easier because it reduces unnecessary or repetitive code. The best part is you can reuse its generic components that save a lot of time.

4. Expandable: Another reason that makes people to hire symphony developers for their project is its expandable feature. In Symfony framework, everything is presented as a bundle. You can reuse these bundles in other projects and shared with the rest of the community. The best element is you can change and modify anything as per your requirement. You can add or extend an application features according to your requirement.

5. Stable & Sustainable: “SensioLabs” offers 3-year support for some of the major versions of Symfony. It also provides lifetime support for security-related issues. Symfony keeps stable and sustainable an application developed in any version of the framework. It works with the latest components and offers more priority to functional advantages by ensuring guarantee and compatibility with public API’s.

6. Ease of Use & Testing: As we discussed before that Symfony is very comfortable for developers. It has the “embedded” best practice within the framework that help beginners and as well as experienced developers to learn quickly. Detailed documentation, great community & professional support make it easy to use for developers which provide easy configuration to enhance the performance of the application. In Symfony, unit testing is very easy because it uses PHP Unit Independent Library. Symfony verifies the output without using any script code and offers some good tools for behavioral, functional and unit testing.


7. User-Friendly & Flexibility: Whether it is a newbie or an expert, Symfony is very user-friendly for everyone. Its MVC components give you full control over configuration & other critical features of development. The interface of Symfony is very user-friendly that makes it compatible for all. Flexibility is another reason that makes it out of the box from other PHP frameworks. Where the bundles can be reused or reconfigure as per the requirement for many applications to reduce the development cost. On the other hand, Components can be used independently or can add other custom modules as per the need. It’s a generic feature that reduces the extra coding and reduces the developer’s task. The best part of its components is you can use it with other PHP frameworks also. These two incredible features of Symfony make it more flexible.

On the basis of all the above features, you can certainly rely on the Symfony Framework for your next project of web or app development. Choosing Symfony means having a long-term vision of application assets. Now, I hope these incredible features are the solid reasons that make you to choose Symfony for your web development services. If you are looking for a professional team of Symfony developers then our expert team is just a message away. So share your requirements with us today and get the preeminent web design & development services at the best prices.

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