10 Reasons why Craft is the Best CMS in the Market Today

10 Reasons why Craft is the Best CMS in the Market Today

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As we all know CMS (Content Management System) is the most important part of a website because it allows you to create & manage digital content within your website. In other words, we can say a website is incomplete without CMS. If we look at the current scenario there are so many CMS Frameworks available in the market like; Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, Expression Engine, Middleman, Craft, Statamic and list goes on. But choosing the best CMS Framework for your business website from the long list is not child’s play. Of course, we have to check each aspect of CMS according to our requirement and compare it with other frameworks. According to research, the demand for Craft CMS Development is very high because of its flexibility & advanced features.

Basically, Craft CMS is the WordPress alternative and its native features provide deeper control & more powerful performance for complex content management than WordPress offers. Although if we look around, there are so many people who prefer WordPress website development services for their project development, along with WordPress demand for Craft CMS development is also on the peak. Craft CMS is the simple, secure, scalable and best choice for small size businesses. Let’s have a look together on the reasons why Craft is the best CMS in the current market:

1. Flexibility: Flexibility is the main reason why developers prefer the Craft CMS because there is no rule when you set up your content or templates. In craft, CMS templates are completely separated from the data and allow us to implement unique designs. It makes no assumptions about what type of content or function you will handle and there are very few restrictions for Craft CMS developers when they build a fully editable CMS. Flexibility feature of craft CMS makes it popular among the people.

2. Administrative Dashboard: Craft’s admin panel is very simple, clean & straightforward. Pages, sections & and entry type are noticeably separated and according to your content requirements, you can add additional fields & organize them. The specialty of craft is you can use it across all devices with a web browser and edit your content how many times you want. The dashboard of craft is fully responsive and easy to use for the user.


3. Live Preview:  Another thing that makes craft stand out is its “Live-Preview” feature. It is the most powerful & time-saving feature because you don’t have to jump on back & forth between preview and the entry content fields. You can see the live preview of your content before publishing it live. It also allows you to generate a URL that you can share to others and get their feedback for the content before it goes live. Because of this incredible feature of Craft CMS in demand.

4. Twig Power:  Craft uses a template engine called Twig. Although it’s not considered by the client but developers deeply cares about it. It’s clean & really simple to extend. Because of Twig, you don’t need to work around default HTML. Twig syntax is very simple, familiar & easy to read. Twig integrates with craft very well and allows you to create layout based templates, templates function & logic.

5. Matrix Fields: Craft uses “Matrix Fields” that allows authors to create beautiful, interesting & varied pages in comparison to old boring blocks of text. In Craft CMS content handled through entries, sections & fields. Basically, fields are the containers for your actual content inside each entry. Through matrix fields, you can add as many blocks as you want in whatever order you want.

6. Fewer Plugins: When it comes to craft, there are lots of plugins are available for craft but in comparison to other CMS, you don’t actually need of plugins because its core products operate very well without any need of a plugin.  In Craft CMS you can simply write a few lines of code around the proper content structure the site requires. In Craft CMS development you can update some necessary plugins simply by a single click. Less use of plugins in Craft CMS makes it simple for Craft CMS developers.


7. Localization: Another reason for Craft CMS demand in market is its localization feature translates your page content according to your target audience. Currently, craft control panel translated into 18 different languages and supports over 100 content locales. Craft’s localization feature allows the site to adapt to the language of a specific user’s locale.

8. Built-in Support: One of the best features of Craft CMS is its inbuilt support system. If you are facing any issue or bug, you can directly message to craft’s support system from their admin panel. You just have to fill the form and that message directly sends to developers or Craft support team who resolve your query ASAP. Your query related to database backup, error logs, template files or any other bug related issue resolved by them within a minimum response time.

9. Regular Updates:  Craft continually improves itself with regular updates. From last year there are so many updates of craft and currently, it holds average 1.7 updates per week. Craft does not work on old features or plugins, by its regular updates it works on latest & active development.

10. Multiple Authors & Pricing:  Craft’s free version restricts to a single author. In the Pro version of craft, you can create custom author groups with customizable permissions.  Craft is 100% free to use. You only have to pay if you want any add-ons if the core features are not enough for you.

Craft is incredibly beneficial for a web development company as well as for clients. It’s simple & secure admin interface makes the client comfortable to use and understand it. Although, we know craft is the not the right solution all the times for clients but as a one of the top web design and development company it’s our job to recommend best CMS platform according to our client’s needs. So, if you have any confusion for choosing your CMS platform then give a glance on the above reasons why craft is the best CMS in the market and I hope these reasons will sort out your all confusion and makes you ready to choose Craft as your CMS platform for your dream project. Once you are sure about Craft for your CMS framework then request a quote today to discuss for the best Craft CMS development services from us.

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